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Women in Design is looking forward to welcoming Landscape Architect, Mary Margaret Jones, President of Hargreaves Associates.  as the 2014 Keystone Speaker this fall.  In weeks prior to the event, WID will post a few blogs about her career and some examples of her impressive resume.  This is the second blog in the series.

Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Hargreaves Associates and its team worked with the DRWC planning committee, stakeholder agencies and neighborhood groups over a nine month period to develop a conceptual framework for the redevelopment of Penn’s Landing with an emphasis on an integrated approach to the overall public realm and development strategy, transportation systems, structural deck systems  and concept for a world class 21st century urban park that will catalyze the creation of vibrant waterfront neighborhoods at Marina Basin and the Market Street site.  Our work included the exploration of a wide range of program ideas and test fits to determine the appropriate mix and scale of amenities throughout the new Penn’s Landing District. The project will reconnect Center City to the Delaware River via a new 12 acre I-95 highway cap, and includes a total 34.15 acres of waterfront open space within a new 45 acre neighborhood.

Below are a few renderings of the proposed site.




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