Hannah Peakman

Events Co-Chair & Graphics

Graphic Designer



Education: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Science in Journalism – John Brown University, AR
Bio: I love being able to translate the ideas of individuals into pictures and words that speak to others. Diversity and the beauty of different cultures makes people fascinating to me. I grew up overseas and consider myself a traveler, always learning and growing in my surroundings. Although I call Denver home, I will always have an adventurer in me searching for the next discovery.  
Other Activities:  Developing as a designer through my membership with AIGA
Commitment to WiD: I found Women in Design two years ago through a series of work connections. Within months, I found myself working alongside incredible women both in the events and communication teams. The friendships I have made through WiD have taught me so much about the build community, Denver, and the strength of having so many females leaders working together. I am honored to now be serving as the co-chair for the events committee, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside these amazing women.