Meet the Committees

Meet the Committees

The WiD Steering Committee is comprised of volunteer executive officers and subcommittees of members who contribute directly to the growth and success of WiD by developing programming that aligns with the organization’s mission and goals and expanding our network of diverse, dynamic women.

The Board of Directors meets monthly — all WiD members are welcome to attend the meeting — and committee members attend their sub-committee meeting each month. New and current members are encouraged to get involved and join one of the following committees that interests you, whether you already have experience in that area or want to learn more.

Board of Directors

1 Executive Chair

Executive Chair
Geneva Kowalski

11 Communications Chair

Communications Chair
Shelley McMullen

12 Membership Chair

Membership Chair
Meegan Bennett

13 Community Board Member

Community Board Member
Melissa Mellen

2 Secretary

Anne Cutrell

3 Treasurer

Sarah Garman

41 Events Co-Chair

Events Co-Chair
Michelle Cairo

5 Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
Kristen Ruberg

6 Networking Co-Chair

Networking Co-Chair
Laura Butler

7 Networking Co-Chair

Networking Co-Chair
Katie Bridges

9 Outreach Co-Chair

Outreach Co-Chair Krista Scruton

Steering Committee

10 Networking

Ali Fleskes

11 Networking

Sara Spence

12 Networking – Chelsea Henderson


Chelsea Henderson

13 Communications


Mallory Lynn

13 Communications

Julia Van Leeuwen

13 Membership Stephanie Lemon

Stephanie Lemon

25 Events


Lauren Smith

6 Outreach – Elizabeth Witsken

Elizabeth Witsken

7 Events

Meredith Gershberg

9 Events

Susan Stafford


1 Administrative Coordinator

Jordyn Watters

Administrative Coordinator
Jordyn Watters

2 Bookkeeper

Katie Collins

Steering Sub-committees

  • The Events Committee handles all of the logistics of planning and implementing live, engaging programming that supports the goals of WiD and has a multidisciplinary appeal within the design community.
  • The Education Committee designs a curriculum tailored specifically to the needs and interests of our members — women in the design and build industries — including professional development workshops and seminars.
  • The Networking Committee provides opportunities to build relationships with industry professionals through social activities in traditional and non-traditional settings, highlighting the value of providing alternative environments for cross-disciplinary colleagues and friends to connect.
  • The Outreach Committee initiates and develops partnerships with local and national organizations and schools that provide additional opportunities for WiD members to get involved with our communities through volunteerism, fundraising, mentoring, and visioning programs.
  • The Communications Committee maintains the WiD brand, ensuring all digital, email, and visual communications through our website, marketing, social media, and events are current, consistent, and professional.
  • The Membership Committee engages with new and prospective members and connects them with their interests within WiD.


How to Join the WiD Steering Committee

Interested in joining the WiD Steering Committee? Email us and we’ll send you details for the next monthly meeting, so you can get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes.