Melissa Baldridge

Outreach Co-Chair

Energy Conservationist & Real-Estate Broker

Melissa Baldridge


I am from:  Seeded in Tulsa, Okla., Roots in Texas, Trunk & branches in Colorado


Education:  BA, Rice University


Current Profession: Green-Building Solutions Provider & Real Estate Broker, GreenSpot Global


Bio: I co-founded GreenSpot Global in 2010 to make homes and buildings net-positive (generate more energy and water than they consume) – a tall order, to be sure.  To that end, we’re Santa when it comes to green build – providing land and deal sourcing, green-building certifications and energy modeling, and finished product sales.  We’re industry leaders in getting higher prices for these properties, and we’re nationally recognized for industry excellence and innovation.


Other Activities: I play drums (yes, a full kit).  ‘Love being in the mountains, and I’m a licensed prayer practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living, Denver.  ‘Super-cool place that’s spiritual, not religious.


Commitment to WiD:  Providing a home for meetings, writing checks whenever I can, co-chairing the Outreach Committee