Shelley McMullen

Communications Co-Chair


Shelley McMullen


I am from:  Denver, Colorado.


Education:  BS Engineering Civil Specialty with a minor in Public Affairs from Colorado School of Mines.


Current Profession: Professional Engineer at Entitlement and Engineering


Bio:  I am a third generation Coloradan and an actual Denver native.  Until I was offered a scholarship for engineering school that I couldn’t turn down, I had wanted to become an architect, but found civil engineering a very good fit for my natural talents and strengths.  I have been involved with WID for around six years.  I joined when I was laid off from an engineering job I did not love an thought it would be a good way to network.  Because many other members had also been laid off, it was also support network and was a way to keep my interest in the design field even when I was forced to take a job outside of engineering for a few years.  I was hired at EES in 2012, an extremely rare, woman-owned and woman-majority engineering firm and has been the best career choice I have ever made.  I work on many of the public transportation design projects and studies around Denver for RTD, CDOT, City and County of Denver, etc. and through my work have become a big advocate for mass transit and transit oriented design in Denver.


Other Activities: Crossfit and Olympic Lifting, DRCOG Stakeholders Committee


Commitment to WiD:  To promote women in all different design professions to collaborate and educate one another on different aspects of the built environment.