Cardboard Metropolis!

Several WiD members volunteered at the AIA’s Box City event this year. On Saturday, April 16, we welcomed over 150 children and their parents/guardians and watched as a brand new city was created inside the atrium of the Wellington Webb Building. At the “store” we supplied our designers/builders with various materials to help them take their sketched designs to 3D forms. There was a mouse hospital, a nuclear power plant, a couple of roller coaster parks, several high rise apartment buildings, the Eiffel Tower fitness park, a candy factory, a puppy playground and doggie daycare, an elementary school, a Mexican restaurant, the capital bldg., a soccer stadium, the Rockies stadium, an aquarium (which also served as a bridge over the river), a house boat, and many more. There was an abundance of creative energy. Inside the “construction zone” the builders turned paper towel rolls in to smoke stacks and roller coaster piers; cereal boxes were sliced up to make coaster cars, canopies and domes; boxes of all shapes and sizes were stacked, taped and wrapped with colorful paper and then markers were used to add more detail. In most cases they remembered to draw in a door or two.

    Box City 'build'   

 Speaking of doors, in the past the Denver Metro Fire Dept. has attended the event and talked with the aspiring designers/builders about their designs and any safety/exiting issues that they may want to consider in their buildings. This year we had the unexpected excitement of a fire alarm going off (due to some work in the basement allegedly) and we all had to evacuate to the street while the fire fighters did their jobs. The kids may have assumed it was all planned so they quickly formed a line at one of the fire trucks and began tours with the help of some very friendly fire fighters. Leave it to the kids to make the best of an unexpected event.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help and who even came back on Sunday to tear down the city. We had a really good turnout and it is with friends like you that we have so much fun at our events!

Box City 'after'

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