Connecting Through Women in Design

Don’t you just love it when you meet someone at an event and they are just the connection you are looking for?  Well, that is exactly what happened at our 1st annual Women in Design VIP Membership party last month.

As a member of the WiD Steering Committee, I arrived early to help set up for the event. There were only a few of us there, so it was a great opportunity to network and that’s when I met Cameron. We got to talking and I asked him how he got involved in Women in Design, he said that he was involved with Habitat for Humanity on a site that Women in Design was also assigned too. This was where it all started. He was given the task of installing tile in the bathroom alongside Connie (a fellow WiD member) and the connection was made. They tiled, laughed, and had a blast together. From there Cameron met other WiDs and husbands of WiDs and kept in contact with them. When the membership party rolled around Connie asked Cameron if he wanted to attend and help set up and he was very willing to help out.

We got to talking about his career and I learned that he had a Bachelors Degree in Architecture, had recently moved to Denver in November, and was currently looking for a position. He didn’t have much experience but had a positive attitude, seemed to be very action oriented and a quick thinker. The great part for me was that I was actually looking to fill an open position in my CAD Store Planning Department. The position had been open for about a month and my recruiter had not had much luck finding many qualified candidates.

Then the conversation shifted to me and we talked about my career. I mentioned that I was the Manager of the in-house CAD Store Planning Department at Sports Authority.  Coincidentally, he had sent his resume over to apply for an opening in that department last week!  It might have been in my recruiter’s inbox, or she may not have passed it over to me based on his experience. Either way it’s amazing how different it is meeting someone and learning about them in person versus trying to figure out what they are all about from a resume.

So we exchanged information and the next day he sent over his resume/portfolio.  I brought him in that week to interview with myself and the Supervisor that he would be working for. She also happens to be a member of Women in Design. The interview went great and we offered him the position.  He accepted and started the following Monday. I was hoping our first annual Membership Party would be a success and it was not only a success for the WiD organization, but also for Cameron and I.

-written by Kimberly E. Malone

Membership Steering Committee Member

-photo by Angela Terrell

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