Get your WiD Punch Cards!

Another success of the networking event in February was the launching our new WiD VIP Punch Cards.

Make sure you get one at the next event!  Fantastic prizes will be given away to the lucky member with the most punches.  So continue to check the calendar for any upcoming scheduled opportunities to get punched!

You get 1 punch each for bringing a friend and/or attending a networking event,  2 punches if your friend joins at that event, and/or attending a speaker or educational event and 3 punches for volunteering or outreach activities.
The rules are as follows:
  • You must be a member to redeem a punch card.
  • Turn in your punch card at the End of Year Event
  • Grand Prize for the Ultimate VIP – person with most punches
  • All full VIP cards will be entered into a raffle
  • Members are responsible for their punchcards -lost punches will not be tracked or replaced
  • Multiple VIP cards are encouraged!
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