Happenings Around Denver

Jiro Dreams of Sushi:

The documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, now playing at the Mayan Theater in Denver, is a stunning film about the life and art of Jiro Ono.  Jiro is the 85-year-old sushi chef from Tokyo who is considered one of the best sushi chefs in the world.  This film elevates the process of making food to an art, and the stunning scenery will be of interest to designers and sushi lovers alike.  If you can’t catch it at the Mayan, make sure to get it on your Netflix queue.  This film is a treat, and will surely make you crave sashimi and a trip to Japan!




MCA Denver:

Make sure to catch the newest exhibition at the MCA Denver.  “Bruce Conner and the Primal Scene of Punk Rock”  and the photographs of Richard Peterson are now on display at the MCA.  Both artists explore the subject of musicians, and punk rock specifically, in a way that focuses on the intimate and ecstatic moments that unfold in a punk performance.  Don’t miss it!   www.mcadenver.org




Written by Gabrielle Schuller

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