Imagine Denver 2020

Women in Design, Denver!  Denver City Agency, Arts and Venues, launches a plan to update  Denver’s cultural plan.  We are inviting WiD membership to participate in the drafting of IMAGINE DENVER 2020.  As professionals, participants, and aficionados of the built environment,  your feedback and voice is welcomed and critical.

What makes a city great?  Some would say, at the top of that list are accessible and affordable cultural events and activities.

The nations most successful cities rely on a civic cultural plan to find out the most efficient way to provide that. A 1989 cultural plan has resulted in a number of long-term changes that have benefited the arts.  By documenting the thoughts and input of Denverites, Imagine  Denver 2020 will inform an effort to provide resources and collaborative efforts to support arts and culture in our city going forward.

If we had 7 years to turn Denver into a booming cultural landmark (by year 2020), would you take pride in saying that you helped to accomplish that?    The Imagine Denver 2020 project is a development effort designed to give Denver a renewed sense of direction in the promotion of art, culture and creativity.

As builders of community, we ask Women in Design members, to be at the frontlines to help shape and build a better and more culturally expressive community for Denver.  Whether you feel that the cultural experiences in Denver are sufficient or drastically need improvement, we want to hear what you have to say.

Visit the website at for more information on their cause and a list of events and free museum dates.  Please take the SURVEY and spread the Word.  This is your opportunity to have a voice in this civic cultural plan and then join WiD on Facebook for a discussion.

By Ariel Sims

WiD Events Committee Member

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