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***Our “Something To Give…” blog series highlights members, family, friends, and/or supporters of Women in Design-Denver Chapter that have generously offered to donate a bit of their talent as a prize for the 1st Annual VIP Membership Celebration.***

Recently, WiD Networking Chair, Carmen Schechinger, caught up with Lindsey Clark, a Design Consultant for FLOR Store – Denver, to ask her a few questions and express WiD’s appreciation for their very beautiful and benevolent prize donation of an area rug for our WiD VIP Membership Celebration.

In Lindsey’s words, FLOR is a carpet design squares company. They present the possibility to create inspired living space through a unique composition of carpet design squares. They have recently opened a new studio here in Denver, where you can come touch, see and feel everything FLOR! It’s located at 2500 2nd Avenue and visits are encouraged!

Lindsey was full of interesting information about both FLOR and her own background in design:

How did you get involved in design/flooring sales? 

I graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Originally I began with FLOR in Atlanta when they opened their showroom during the summer of 2011, and then transferred to the Denver showroom. I love the ability to become an ‘expert’ with a particular interior element, all while having infinite creative possibilities.

What inspires you? 

Challenges. I love diving into new projects, finding out all the information and then starting the design process. I also appreciate the way my clients differ, and watching a project develop form inception to completion. In addition, I find FLOR’s environmental practices and vision to be extremely inspiring. We are part of Mission Zero, which is a promise to eliminate any negative impact our company may have on the planet by the year 2020.

Tell me about a memorable project. 

One memorable project was a design for a little boy and girl’s playroom. The kids came into the showroom and picked out their favorite tiles. I then had the task of combining everything into a wall to wall layout while not being too overwhelming! The end result was amazing, and the kids were thrilled. It was refreshing to throw out most design ‘rules’ and just have fun with the space. It’s a space I would have loved to play in as a kid!

What utensil/tool could you NOT live without? 

Graph paper! Everything here is modular, so it’s more efficient for me to sketch out a design really quickly in order to convey an idea to a client. I find that method easier than using computer aided drawing programs.

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Repeat customers. I love seeing an old client come back in after a year or so because they love the way our product holds up and want to do other areas in their home. I’ve had quite a few people convert all of their floor coverings to FLOR. You really develop a relationship with them, and are able to understand their design aesthetic.

What are you currently looking forward to? 

2 things: diagonal cuts that will be introduced this Spring, and the transition to eventually having only 100% recycled nylon squares. FLOR has come a long way since I began with the company. Our product line is continually evolving all while staying true to our environmental promises.

Finish this sentence…”To me, success is…” 

Being happy in all that you do but also meeting different challenges at home, at work, and having the ability to overcome them.

Give me one word to describe how you feel at the beginning of your day. 


Can you think of a benefit from working with women, or having a woman on your team? 

I’ve always found the women I have worked with to be extremely passionate. Passion for what we do in this industry is important to me as a designer.

How would your clients/co-workers describe you? 

I think they would describe me as a hard worker who pays close attention to detail.
Thanks Lindsey!  Don’t forget to stop by and visit Lindsey and get the full FLOR experience!


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