Successful Snowshoe Excursion!

Twelve brave Women in Design members met Saturday morning for a outdoor networking event; snowshoeing at St. Mary’s Glacier. After organizing carpooling arrangements we were on our way! Once we got to the trailhead we were greeted with strong winds! Four women decided the weather conditions were too harsh for them, so decided to head into town and meet back up with us for lunch. The rest of us braved it out and went on a short hike up to the glacier. The trees cut the wind some but we were definitely glad we brought as much warm gear as we did! After getting blown around enough in the cold we headed to Idaho Springs for some much needed warmth and lunch! We got seated in our own little corner table on the balcony of the restaurant where we were finally able to chat and get to know each other. We had great food and even better company. Although the weather conditions weren’t ideal we all agreed that it was still a very successful trip! Thanks to all that attended!

Author:  Carmen Schechinger

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  1. Becca Gassman Says:

    awesome photo!

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