WiD Builds – Day 2

Our volunteers gathered once again on the chilly morning of December 8th and met at the Taxi development parking lot to carpool up to Kittredge, a small community about 20 minutes west of Morrison. The Blue Spruce Habitat team was ready for us. We had a full day of installing SIPS, sill plates, steel stud ledgers, and tiling at an adjacent property. At one point I was handed a tool and the explanation of how to use it came with a worrisome statement, “be very careful, and position it on your left side as it tends to throw you to the left and can easily break your wrist.” I was not feeling very happy about this tool at that moment, and just then the power shut off. Once it was restored all other tools worked except for that one. I made a quick escape to another task just in case. A couple of us spent all day in a window well, but I am not sure what that was all about as I was wrestling with my own challenges at the other end of the site. The good news is that they reported “mission completed” by the end of the work day and we were all very pleased with the result. I am sure it’s the best window well up there.

We were able to wrap up everything on our To-Do List before the flurries started, but not before the wind picked up and urged us to head back to Denver with frozen faces. We stopped off in Morrison and had fun getting to know each other. We had 10 WiD volunteers, an additional 3 Habitat Crew volunteers from Denver, plus 3 Blue Spruce Habitat construction team members at our very happy and hungry table.

Once again our WiD build day was a total success and we all had a blast. Check out a sampling of YouTube videos at the end of this post. We had so much fun at both of our build days this Fall that I was asked to request a third WiD build day, possibly one that is more indoors. I am happy to announce that our next build day will be on March 2nd. Watch for updates on the WiD calendar and reserve you spot early.






Written by Kathy Ford

WiD Outreach Co-Chair 2012

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