WiD Builds – Day 3

WiD - the only volunteer group with their own custom nail belts

Our volunteers gathered once again on a beautiful sunny morning up in Kittredge. The Blue Spruce Habitat team was ready for us with a brand new list of things to do. Those who were most comfortable with heights strapped in and headed to the roof to install the wood framed overhangs. Those less inclined to stand on top of the world built the frames on the ground and hoisted them up. Others worked with expandable foam, grinders, nail guns and more. We were very busy all day and got a lot done.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, and so were our volunteers. We stopped off in Evergreen this time for some reportedly awesome burgers. Our table was packed with 16 hungry helpers and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other. Some of us stayed to sing….but that’s a whole other story and one that should stay in Evergreen.

Once again our WiD build day was a total success and we all had a blast learning new skills and helping out Habitat for Humanity. This was supposed to be our last build day for a while but they love us so much that they have asked us to come back every Saturday. We took a vote and everyone agreed that we need to do this again. We are looking at another WiD build day in late April or early May, so stay tuned and sign up!


Kathy Ford

WiD Outreach

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